Save Your Home from Foreclosure



Do you have home mortgage problems? You may be confused by dealing with mortgage servicers. You may need to discuss your options with a lawyer. Why worry every day about getting served with foreclosure papers? Call a lawyer for help with foreclosure problems.

If you already have been served with foreclosure papers, call us for help. You may have gotten your mortgage with subprime credit, or you just can’t afford the large payments anymore. We can try to keep you in your house and work to get a new mortgage for you. Moving is a big hassle.


Indiana Student Loan Debt Lawyer


As an Indianapolis Student Loan Debt Attorney, I understand that student loan payments can be staggering.  Student loans can haunt you for years to come, even long after graduation.

There are options available to get the loan payments lowered, even for payments as low as zero dollars per month.  As an Indianapolis Collections Attorney, I can help you formulate a plan to help you successfully manage your student loan debt and payments if you are struggling with student loan debt or collections.

Student loan matters can be confusing because of the differences between private and federal student loans.

Indiana Family Law Attorney


Attorney Nita Gupta also assists clients with family law matters. As an Indianapolis family law attorney, she helps clients with divorce and child custody legal issues. With laws constantly changing, it is important to have someone your side who is familiar with both statewide and federal laws.

The Law Office of Nita Gupta can help you when filing for divorce. There are many legal issues that need to be discussed and agreed upon by both parties before a divorce is finalized. This process can be very time consuming and difficult without the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney. Nita Gupta can help you and your spouse when legally documenting your divorce and child custody issues. Child support, spousal support, and division of assets must also be discussed. Attorney Gupta can help during this difficult time to make the process as smooth and quick as possible.

When dealing with divorce and child custody issues, there is never an easy answer. However, the guidance of a seasoned Indiana divorce attorney can make all the difference. Call divorce Attorney Nita Gupta at (317) 900-9737 to have you questions answered. She will work patiently with you and your family to make sure all your concerns are addressed and you are able to move on with your life. Call today to schedule your consultation.


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