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Towards the end of a person’s life, it is important to have certain documents in order to make sure loved ones are taken care of and the person’s wishes are respected. It is important to have wills drawn up and powers of attorney granted. Indiana estate planning attorney Nita Gupta can assist your family in granting powers of attorney in health care matters when a loved one’s health is depreciating.

Health care power of attorney refers to the written legal document authorizing an individual to represent or act on someone’s behalf in matters related to their health. Health care power of attorney is granted to a person who will have the authority to make health care related decisions for that individual when the time comes. This may include the difficult decisions of terminating care or life support if necessary.

Health care power of attorney is especially necessary for unmarried couples or gay and lesbians partners who are not legally married. Power to make health care decisions is automatically granted to spouses, children, parents, and most blood relatives. However, for those who are single it is very important to have a designated power of attorney to carry out your health care and medical requests.

Indianapolis health care power of attorney lawyer Nita Gupta can assist you in arranging powers of attorney. Make sure that someone who cares about you is able to make your medical decisions. Arrange health care powers of attorney with the help of Indiana estate planning lawyer Nita Gupta. She will sit down with you and take the time to explain your options and make sure the proper documents are in place to ensure you are taken care of.

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