Indianapolis Divorce Attorney 

Preeti (Nita) Gupta is an experienced Indianapolis divorce attorney who can help you with filing a divorce and any other legalities that follow a divorce. Divorce is not a simple matter; especially when children are involved. There are many legal formalities that must be settled and questions that need to be discussed. This is a very difficult emotional time for children and adults alike.

The ideal outcome of a divorce is to have it settled quickly and move on with your life. However, with so much at stake in a divorce (money, parental rights, child support…) you needs must be addressed and protected by the law. The last thing you want is to lose the right to see you child, or no longer have a place to live. When dealing with divorce litigation, arguments will arise. You need a divorce lawyer who will approach you case with compassion and patience. Someone you can depend on during this difficult time. The Law Office of Nita Gupta is here for you and ready to assist you with your divorce litigation in Indianapolis.

Many things need to be discussed when filing for divorce. You need a lawyer who is also an experienced mediator. Nita Gupta will work with both parties to reach a quick agreement that is beneficial to all. Some legal issues that need to be settled before a divorce is final include:

There are no easy answers when it comes to divorce. It is necessary to have a compassionate lawyer who will take the time to explain all options to you and advise you with your interests in mind. The last thing you need right now is more stress; seek the guidance and assistance of skilled Indianapolis divorce attorney, Nita Gupta.

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